SolidWorks Tips

SolidWorks Drawings

Ever puzzled by all the options and setting to get Solidworks drawings to look like you want them?

Recent File Access

Accessing recently opened files from within SOLIDWORKS is very easy using the provided “hot key” or “keyboard shortcut”.

Creating Transparent Section Views

While creating section views in assemblies, you can set individual bodies and components as transparent. The transparency helps you see through to the internals of the model.


In SOLIDWORKS you can add comments to various places to enhance your data about the design or to communicate in more depth to a user.

Thread Enhancements

You can align threads to end faces. A Cut thread is extended and cut to match the end face.

Enhanced Sweep Feature

In SOLIDWORKS 2017 you can select faces, edges, and curves directly from models as sweep profiles.

SOLIDWORKS Breadcrumbs

When you select an object or part or surface in the SOLIDWORKS graphics area in 2016, a new feature appears in the upper left hand corner of the area.