In SOLIDWORKS you can add comments to various places to enhance your data about the design or to communicate in more depth to a user. The comments will be included in a folder that is created when the first comment is added.

Comments can be added at the file level, such as by right-clicking on the Claw-Mechanism line in the above illustration, or at a component or feature level. The example for entering the comment below is at a component level (note the component highlighted in blue).

Once the right-click, context sensitive menu is displayed, hovering over the Comment selection exposes the Add Comment choice which brings you to a dialogue box in which you can enter your comments. Images can be added as well.

This technique can enhance the communications ability of the designer and document design intent for the reader.

Comment indicators can be displayed or “turned on” by right-clicking the top node in the FeatureManager design tree. Then click Tree Display > Show Comment Indicator. This will display an icon in the feature or component indicating that there is a comment there.

Resulting icon added to design tree.