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Basic Solidworks Monday July 1st and Tuesday July 2nd, 2024

Class Description: SOLIDWORKS Introduction to Functionality and classroom use of 3D Modeling Software

Fully parametric 3D Solid Modeling for the classroom, SOLIDWORKS provides advanced modeling features in an intuitive interface for creative design and engineering graphics output. This class provides introductory and intermediate instruction on SOLIDWORKS functions and it’s integration into high school and university level CAD through Engineering Graphics. A variety of common and frequently used functions of modeling parts and assemblies are explored, with numerous student completed examples. Introduction to techniques in drawing design and layout for classroom assignment completion is integrated. Exploration of SOLIDWORKS analysis and motion features within practical applications develops scope. Students learn through hands-on software use on practical examples.

Equipment: SOLIDWORKS 2024 Software (work stations provided in class)


Basic Mastercam Monday June 24th and Tuesday June 25th, 2024

Advanced Mastercam Wednesday June 26th and Thursday June 27th, 2024

Class Description: Mastercam / CNC Milling: 2D Programming, Setup, and Machining

The 2D Programming, Setup, and Machining course is designed to help individuals advance from the level of manually programming, setting up, and machining using CNC machining centers, to producing more complex toolpaths and machining more advanced parts. The students will be instructed in the use of Mastercam to program the parts, and how to setup a CNC machining center to machine multiple parts during the classes, with each part becoming increasingly more complex in design.

The Mastercam programming portion of the training will include creating multiple levels, constructing and modifying 2D geometry, generating solid models and 3-D wireframe geometry, creating multiple construction planes and work coordinate systems (WCS), use of the operations manager, machine definitions, stock setup, tool management, speeds and feeds, back-plotting and verification, and post-processing G-code programs.

Mastercam 2D toolpaths taught and used will include facing operations, rough and finish contour milling, chamfering, Dynamic roughing operations, pocket and area milling, and engraving.

Equipment: Mastercam 2025 Software (work stations provided in class)

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